Ulrich Drechsler Trio – Beyond Words (CD) 2012



“Beyond Words” features Ulrich working with the intimate trio setting. Only with the lineup of bass clarinet, piano and drums he creates touching melodies and spacious sound atmospheres.

On two songs the israeli singer Efrat Alony ennobles Ulrich’s music with her warm alto voice. where the power of words ends, there the music begins. there “beyond words” begins.

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  • 01.   You Always Know
  • 02.  Song Of Sands
  • 03.  Beyond Words (feat. Efrat Alony)
  • 04.  Hidden Persuasion
  • 05.  Little Peace Lullaby No. 2
  • 06.  As A Token Of Friendship
  • 07.  The Human Glow
  • 08.  Little Peace Lullaby No. 1 (feat. Efrat Alony)
  • 09.  A Glimpse Of Honesty
  • 10.   Little Peace Lullaby No. 3
  • 11.    As Simple As It Could Be
  • 12.   A Family Affair

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