Ulrich Drechsler & Stefano Battaglia – Little Peace Lullaby (CD) 2016



In 2015 Ulrich started working on the “Little Peace Lullabies”, small musical dedications to people who have inspired him over the years. With Italian pianist Stefano Battaglia he plays on his bass clarinet and the seldom played basset horn a cycle of songs which is dedicated to the one thing that keeps the world going round and connects us all – LOVE.

Short musical stories and dedications full of pure beauty. a touching conversation at eye level between two sound magicians.

Find here more info, videos and listening examples.


  • 01.   Little Peace Lullaby No. 3
  • 02.  Little Peace Lullaby No. 2
  • 03.  A Twinkle In The Twilight
  • 04.  Little Peace Lullaby No. 4
  • 05.  Little Peace Lullaby No. 6
  • 06.  Little Peace Lullaby No. 7
  • 07.  You Always Know (What’s Right Or Wrong)
  • 08.  Little Peace Lullaby No. 10
  • 09.  Your Paradise
  • 10.   Little Peace Lullaby No. 12

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