CAFÉ DRECHSLER – Streamer (CD) 2013


The music on “Streamer” moves in the fields of Trip Hop and Ambient. A dark sparkling sound organism.

Patrick Zambonin on electric bass and Christian Eberle on drums deliver breathtaking basses and beats while keyboardists Philip Jagschitz and David Helbock create massive electronic soundscapes. Plus Ulrich’s tenor saxophone and bass clarinet.

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  • 01.  Back To The Beginning
  • 02.  Diva
  • 03.  Like A Raving Loony
  • 04.  Society Of Hurt Egos
  • 05.  Streamer
  • 06.  Not For Love Nor Money
  • 07.  Give Sugar To The Apes
  • 08.  Handle With Care
  • 09.  The Spirit‘s Dark Night
  • 10.  Gift Of Groove
  • 11.  Wake Up To The Present

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Weight 100 g

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