Drechsler/Steger/Tanschek – The Monk In All Of Us (CD) 2004



The music of Bebop icon Thelonious Monk always has been a great inspiration for Ulrich. “The Monk in all of us” is a live recording from the club Porgy & Bess in Vienna/A.

Oliver Steger on bass, Harry Tanschek on drums, Lorenz Raab on trumpet/flugelhorn and Ulrich on bass clarinet/contrabass clarinet let Monk’s classics appear in a completely new light.

Find here more info, videos and listening examples.


  • 01.   Criss-Cross
  • 02.  Bemsha Swing
  • 03.  Monk’s Mood
  • 04.  Played Twice
  • 05.  Ruby, My Dear
  • 06.  San Francisco Holiday
  • 07.  Bye-Ya
  • 08.  Pannonica
  • 09.  Evidence
  • 10.   Monk’s Dream

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