Solo Monk (Digital) 2019


For more than 25 years Ulrich explores now the music of BeBop icon Thelonious Monk. After the release of the live quartet recording “The Monk In All Of Us” in 2004 on the Vienna based label Cracked Anegg he focused more and more on a pure solo format.

Fascinated by the unique authentic musical strength of Monk’s compositions Ulrich found finally the right approach with just using the basset horn. the rarely played clarinet tuned in the key of F with its haunting nasal sound. this 75-minute concert was recorded in vienna in 2019. In addition to Monk’s music, Ulrich tells some anecdotes from the life of the great jazz pianist.

The bootleg series are not available on the streaming platforms, only as download.

edition contains complete concert in mp3 high resolution sound quality & cover.


  • 01.   Complete Concert



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