DRECHSLER live in Vienna (Digital) 2010


Between 2007 and 2010, Ulrich explored the border area between improvised music and soul & funk jazz with his project “DRECHSLER”. During this time, two wonderfully relaxed albums were produced: “Fortune Cookie” (2007) and “.The Big Easy” (2009). Both released by Vienna based label Cracked Anegg.

This concert documents the only recorded live concert of the band. Featuring the talents of Joerg Mikula (drums), Patrick Zambonin (electric bass guitar), Philipp Jagschitz (keyboards & rhodes), Zuzee (turntables) and Ulrich on the tenor saxophone. A coherent, deep grooving concert from beginning to end in great sound quality.

The bootleg series are not available on the streaming platforms, only as download.

edition contains complete concert in mp3 high resolution sound quality & cover.


  • 01.   Part I
  • 02.  Part II
  • 03.  Part III
  • 04.  Part IV



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