Chrome Reimagined (Digital) 2024


CHROME REIMAGINED is the accompanying remix album to Ulrich Drechsler’s album CHROME. The wonderful neo-classical 13-part suite for strings, clarinets and live electronics composed by the award-winning German clarinettist, saxophonist and conceptionist.

Again the jazz and neo-classical musician invited both big names and young representatives of the Viennese, Berlin, Hamburg and Belgrade electro scenes to further process and refine his own orchestral compositions, to raise them to a whole new level and thus make them accessible to a whole new audience.

Based on this unusual, unique musical starting point, far more than “just” a remix album has has seen the light of day.
CHROME REIMAGINED is a real statement. A powerful, pathetic electro adventure between dancefloor  and atmospheric ambient sounds.

featuring Peter Zirbs, Ingo Rieber, Shrimpnail & Almuth, Club Apollo, Wake Up Jade, Punct, Diana May, Alith Berndarn, Arte Vara, Max Eder.

Find here more info, videos and listening examples.

edition contains complete album in mp3 high resolution sound quality & cover. the high resolution wav version is available on request.


  • 01.   Silence Is My Canvas No. 2 (Club Apollo Remix)
  • 02.  Silence Is My Canvas No. 7 (Ingo Rieber Remix)
  • 03.  Silence Is My Canvas No. 6 (Diana May Remix)
  • 04.  Silence Is My Canvas No. 10 (Punct Remix)
  • 05.  Silence Is My Canvas No. 3 (Club Apollo Remix)
  • 06.  Silence Is My Canvas No. 12 (Peter Zirbs Remix)
  •  07.  Silence Is My Canvas No. 1 (Shrimpnail & Almuth ReImagined Remix)
  • 08.  Silence Is My Canvas No. 5 (Alith Berndarn 130 Rendition)
  • 09.  Silence Is My Canvas No. 9 (Ingo Rieber Remix)
  •  10.  Silence Is My Canvas No. 4 (Arte Vara Remix)
  •  11.   Silence Is My Canvas No. 13 (Shrimpnail Remix)
  • 12.   Silence Is My Canvas No. 11 (Wake Up Jade Remix)
  • 13.   Silence Is My Canvas No. 8 (Max Eder Remix)

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