Ulrich Drechsler – Concinnity (CD) 2010



Bass clarinet, two celli and drums! That’s all it takes. On “Concinnity” a very unique sound is created. the music moves between influences from jazz, classic, pop right down to some metal.

the celli and the bass clarinet constantly change roles and produce a sound that seems to sound like an entire orchestra.

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  • 01.   Eternal
  • 02.  See With Your Ears, Hear With Your Eyes
  • 03.  Soul Walk
  • 04.  Our Source
  • 05.  Living Now
  • 06.  Dance If You Like To
  • 07.   Common Ground
  • 08.  Angel From The Past
  • 09.  Don’t Try To Understand Everything
  • 10.   Trance
  • 11.    A Love Affair


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