Drechsler – .The Big Easy (CD) 2009



“.The Big Easy”, compared to the previous album “fortune cookie”, moves even more towards the sound of soul and acid jazz. Recorded completely analogue.

Featuring Ulrich on tenor saxophone and bass clarinet, Patrick Zambonin on electric bass guitar, Benny Omerzell on rhodes, Joerg Mikula on drums and the marvelous Zuzee on turntables.

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  • 01.   Appetizer
  • 02.  The Melt
  • 03.  The Big Easy
  • 04.  Riding With My Hero
  • 05.  The Furious Five (Dark Version)
  • 06.  Saxophone Player’s Nightmare
  • 07.   The Golden Glimmer
  • 08.  The Furious Five (Light Version)
  • 09.  An Emergent Classic
  • 10.   Final Prayer

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