Chrome Reimagined (12″ Vinyl test pressing copy + 12″ coloured Vinyl) 2024



CHROME REIMAGINED is the accompanying remix album to Ulrich Drechsler’s album CHROME. The wonderful neo-classical 13-part suite for strings, clarinets and live electronics composed by the award-winning German clarinettist, saxophonist and conceptionist.

Again the  jazz and neo-classical musician invited both big names and young representatives of the Viennese, Berlin and Belgrade electro scenes to further process and refine his own orchestral compositions, to raise them to a whole new level and thus make them accessible to a whole new audience.

Based on this unusual, unique musical starting point, far more than “just” a remix album has has seen the light of day.
CHROME REIMAGINED is a real statement. A powerful, pathetic electro adventure between dancefloor  and atmospheric ambient sounds.

featuring mixes by Peter Zirbs, Ingo Rieber, Shrimpnail & Almuth, Arte Vara, Club Apollo, Wake Up Jade, Max Eder & Diana May.

Find here more info, videos and listening examples. !!!!!!!!!!

THE EDITION CONTAINS ONE OF ONLY Five AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVE TEST PRESSING COPIES OF THE 180G  12″ VINYL, a “normal” translucent aquamarin coloured 180g 12″ Vinyl copy to preserve the test pressing,  the complete album in mp3 high resolution sound quality & digital cover plus a LIMINAL ZONE tote bag. the high resolution wav version is available on request.



01.   Silence Is My Canvas No. 2 (Club Apollo Remix)
02.  Silence Is My Canvas No. 7 (Ingo Rieber Remix)
03.  Silence Is My Canvas No. 6 (Diana May Remix)
04.  Silence Is My Canvas No. 12 (Peter Zirbs Remix)



01.   Silence Is My Canvas No. 1 (Shrimpnail & Almuth ReImagined Remix)
02.  Silence Is My Canvas No. 4 (Arte Vara Remix)
03.  Silence Is My Canvas No. 11 (Wake Up Jade Remix)
04.  Silence Is My Canvas No. 8 (Where The Mild Things Are Remix)

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