CAFÉ DRECHSLER – AND NOW BOOGIE (Double 12″ Vinyl) 2017



In 2017 the original lineup of the Club music trio Café Drechsler reunited once again to conquer the dance floors of the world.

A stunning mix of Jazz, Funk’n’Soul, Hip Hop and and and. Music, sharp like the razor blade on the cover. Featuring Alex Deutsch on drums, Oliver Steger on bass and Ulrich on the tenor saxophone. Featuring some wonderful guest musicians as well.

Find here more info, videos and listening examples.

The edition contains two 12″ maxi vinyls (45rpm) & the download code.


  1. And NOW…Boogie!
  2. Battering Ram
  3. On Velvet Paws
  4. Crawler
  5. Dancing On One Foot
  6. Fake News
  7. Infrared Space
  8. House Mouse
  9. Graffiti For Peace
  10. Sugar Rush
  11. And THEN…Rumba!
  12. Pam Pam
  13. Hey Girl
  14. Silent Pearls

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